Lingam Massage Amsterdam

60, 90, and 120 Minutes Free Appointment

Lingam Massage Amsterdam

The Lingam Therapeutic massage may be the pinpoint the stop of every restorative massage, some consider it a ”Happy End”.

In this article we putt the concentrate on the build up power and must be taken away for your special en overall relaxed feeling. It will probably be applyed afther every one of the massages you have orderd on our site.

The Lingam Massage therapy is not the goal but rater a bonus massage in fact it is exceptional for any males not to have an orgasmic pleasure within this program. The Lingam is actually a eroticsm of your greatest normal. Do you want ? Now we will trip the wave!

Which support contained in this bundle

  • Sexual activation, solid sexual climax
  • completely Pleasure.
  • Whole pleasure of body and mind.
  • Free of cost in combination with other packets.
  • Unique designed  oil.
  • Full service by all masseuses.

No matter if you may have orderd a consistent standard Swedish massage therapy or possibly a Sensual each and every type of massage therapy you will obtain a free Lingam restorative massage home. Did you know that you are able to already make a choice of the beautiful masseuses? Visit our webpage these days and ordered the woman that suits you!

These outstanding women work each day to provide the “hard working men” the gained relaxing. Check out our exclusive bundles on our prices webpage and select the bundle that is best suited for you the best!  

Note: service available from 9AM to 5AM on Monday to Sunday.
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We make just about every event precious and want just the perfect time for all our guests. We only succeed with the most outstanding masseuses along with your pleasure at your very own hotel for that greatest relaxation time you deserve. Pamper your self with 1 of our charming females and exclusive massages.


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