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Discover the Secret Art of Tantra & Tantric Massage

Hotel Service Amsterdam is the award winning tantra & tantric massage service, with a huge emphasis on service, quality of our company and top notch masseuses. We offer the highest level of stimulating tantra and tantric massage in Amsterdam. It comes as no surprise that for 7 years in a row we are selected as the best tantric massage in Amsterdam and surrounding.

The ancient art of tantra has gained in the last years, and exploded to become the most popular in the Western world. Hotel Service Amsterdam is for 7 years in a row the award winning company, and we can make out the misconceptions and what you can expect from a real tantra &  tantric massage in Amsterdam. Many people think at first when they hear the word tantra or tantric of some kind of sexual ritual with some spiritual sex rituals. There are many massage companies in Amsterdam who offer this kind of service and there is so much information that is wrong and completely misinterpreted. With all this conflicting misinterpreted information its very hard to select and pick an original and real massage. So with guide you will exactly know what you can expect and get rid of all this non-senses what is on the internet these days.

Because Hotel Service Amsterdam is the leading tantric and tantra massage company in Amsterdam we want to delve into the origins of the religious tantra and take a look behind the historic tantric rituals and what the tantric & tantra massage has become these days.

All the ins and outs of the massages we have created might be of specific interest to you ? We hope you will find our discovery guide of any help and fun to read…

Throughout The Time of Tantric And The Tantra History

Around the 11th Century India was invaded by the Turkish Dynasty and wins power in Ghazni. By invading India most of the great great Tantric Masters named: Tantrikas where slaughtered and therefore they almost destroyed of burned all of the precious tantric scriptures with it. By destroying all of the tantric scriptures they literally destroyed all evidence of the first recording of the tantric philosophy.

The first recording that have remain after the invasion dates back from around 300 EC, the India Hindu and the Buddhist  texts where written in a way that only the teachers and tantric students were able to read it in Tathagataguhyaka and the Kalacakra-tantra. (This is why they call it tantra massage in Amsterdam or other parts of the Western world). Only the masters and the students who have practiced this ancient art of tantric, where ambiguous enough and where the only ones who understood these transcripts.

Later in time around the 12th Century they found more transcripts in Bengal and China of the old Tibetan Tantra Teaching. This is the reason why Tantra and Tantric Massage has spread out all over the world and has been rising ever sins. This ancient old history has survived over time and developed in many forms. These days you will find traces and influences of the tantric massage in other forms of massages as well and also Yoga. The ancient history of tantric has been passed over to different practices over the Centuries. These days we see the tantric also back in Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism and has passed also into other ideologies and religions like China Medical treatments.

The meaning of Tantra Massage

* Tantra comes out of Sanskrit.

* Literally definition of the word Tantra means “ loom” or “weave”.

* Techniques and rituals including sexual and meditative practices.

* India mystical and magical massage form dating from 3th Century.

* Focus on liberation through connection and balance.

* Tantra Massage to achieve enlightenment of spirituality and sexuality

* Tantra performed by techniques and rituals of sexual practices

* Meditation and Sex

About The Tantra Massage

By ordering the original & spiritual tantra massage in Amsterdam you have selected the premium and most exclusive form of massage. The tantric massage Amsterdam is the purest form of intimacy with a partner of your choice. We have made a selection of the very best and top notch models who are ready to perform there tantric massage at any time of the day in your hotel. The meaning of tantra is not only spiritual adventure but also the Amsterdam finest erotic massage with intimacy of your partner or masseuse. The defined meaning of tantric & tantra is depending on witch part of your personal geographic location on the planet.

Everybody who want to achieve & restore the balance and energy flows who are associated with our well being the tantra massage creates appositive outcome. To restore the energy flows and balance by having a tantric massage this teaching method can improve your spiritually and sexually and improve your daily life in a positive way. The full tantra massage treatment has the main focus is pure on connections between you and your partner and extra focus on the balance to achieve a positive awareness and benefit. Hotel Service Amsterdam has developed the most erotic massage available with pure sexual activity. The highest level of eroticism is the tantra massage in Amsterdam.

What is The Benefit of Tantra

*Tantra  creates a positive outcome.

*Tantra & Tantric improves daily life in positive way.

* improve your spiritually and sexually.

* Tantra restore balance & energy flow.

* Tantric massage creates a deeper bond between couples & partners.


Tantric Massage Techniques And Sex Position In Practice

When we take a look on the tantric in the modern age we know that tantric sex is gaining in popularity by the day. One of the most popular tantra sessions is the purest connection between you and your partner of masseuse and is a combination of sexual ideologies and religious rituals. This modern form of erotic pleasure and due to the exciting nature of the sexual and spiritual angle of the tantric massage, is why having tantra sex with different position is associated with this ancient form of tantric. Your personal and sexual spiritual form is the ultimate form of the modern form of sexual ideology. The ancient art of the Buddhist & Indian teaching has developed over the years a we now know in the Western world Tantra massage.

Tantric meditation and awareness is these days a journey for you and your partner to open up your sex-life and your sexual experiences. The sexual intercourse is without ejaculation and needs to be practiced of the years of experience, and will come from meditations and awareness. Awareness itself is very imported because the full tantric massage has many different mental and physical techniques that you will discover with the journey of tantra. Breathing techniques are very imported within the tantra and needs to be regulated by slowing down. That maybe sounds easier than it really is, controlling your breath is very difficult but by doing so it lowers your heart rate. Tantric meditation and awareness and controlling your breath, makes it in practice the ultimate and most intimate sexual intercourse you will ever encounter

When you try to improve the intimacy of your relationship by putting the focus on having better  orgasms, the tantric massage offers many of the physical & different mental techniques. Your relationship with your partner (or the masseuse) will gain awareness and a better connection in the near future. For the once who really want to improve their orgasms, and learn the tantric massage techniques, will gain and bring different sex positions back in the relationship.

The Sexual Connection Of Tantic Massage

*  Higher consciousness with specific tantra practice.

*  Elevation and improve your personal sex-life.

* Tantric sex include techniques and positions.

* Tantra connection achieves sexual enlightenment.

* Delayed ejaculation techniques and prolonged amazing climaxes.

* The practice of tantra comes in many ways, from sex till meditation.

Various Kinds of Tantra Massage

Out on the internet they will offer you the various kinds of tantric massage. Because tantra massage is the modern form of exciting sexual arousal. Probably you have stumble on the basics of tantra due to the media or other websites. As we explained before in this item the tantric massage found its origin in India but has spread out of the world in Centuries. This means that there are a couple of different various types of tantra & tantric massage nowadays. Important to know is that there are found documented forms of tantric massage that we explain to you by the following selection down below. Walk with us right to the true path of the tantric massages available nowadays.

  1. Tantra in Hinduism

Like we have explained before that the tantra has existed for thousands of years we now know that the tantra have developed in Vedic Hinduism and the Vedas. The ancient old teaching by the great masters of Hinduism that came from the Puranas. This old ancient form of art and tradition to Shakta tantra, which emphasizes has transformed into the static principle: Tamasika Shakti. In a later stage the form Tamasika Shakti tradition into the mobile version called: Kalika Shakti. The distinction with Vedic Hinduism is that the spiritual journey is open for everyone. Within the tantra there are no castes that is why it is open for everyone regardless status or origin.  And finally Kaoshiki Shakti tradition the spiritual radiance version together with Bhaeravi Shakti.

In the Hinduism Shakta tantra we now know that there are 3 basic traditions which all presents the power of Shakti. These are: Tamasika Shakti –  Kaoshiki ShaktiBhaeravi Shakti. These forms are the all original form of tantric massage form the Hinduism. All these cult emphasizes the transformation of the static art of the Indian tantric massage. Therefore the tantric massage has a distinct place within the Hinduism tantric culture. In the Hindu traditions Shakti is worshiped onto a Hindu goddess.

  1. Tantra in Buddhism

The traditional Theravada Buddhism certainly has no origin with tantra, and has no tantric Vedic elements in general. This was because there was no real connection between the Theravada Buddhism and the Vedic religion. The integration of the tantra came in the 3th Century when the Bengali Buddhists spread over India and other countries. With the integration between the Bengali Buddhists and the other Buddhists the Bengali Mahayana. In the Buddhism these days we can find traces of the ancient old tantric, we can find today in Vajrayana. Vajrayana is very important for the Buddhism (Tibetan) where we found the original Tantra massage. Because the Buddhist (Moncks) traveled all over Asia we know that the tantric traveled with them across Asia. Today we can find the tantra massage also in China and Japan thanks to the traveling Buddhist.

Buddhist teaches according the tradition them self the historical Shakyamoeni in Vajrayana. By the influence of the Mahayana Buddhism who were bases in Vajrayana they learned the first elements of the ancient art of tantric. All the scriptures where written in the own language of the Vajrayana they called it Tantras. This is where we discovered the name Tantra and is most common used in the Western part of the world.

  1. Navatantra or Neotantra

The different varieties like tantra where associated with new religious movements. Tantric sex as we know it these days in the Western world is the modern form of Navatantra that means in Sanskrit “new”. Depending on the place you are at the moment you can easily order an tantric or tantra massage they both include the modern interpretation and the traditional and ancient old techniques from the Buddhist and Hindu. The truth and the only difference is the location where you’re staying between tantric and tantra, and both are reinterpretation of Hindu and Buddhist practices. These days the tantra as we call it in the Western atmosphere has gained and flourished in popularity and is booming.

The Neotantra where out to explore for sexual & spiritual energy and developed a technique of various combinations between tantric and yoga. This revolutionaries technique they have practiced and  even use today, and has evolved in to tantric sex. The journey and the revolution of these evolved ancient old techniques, are now being applied with millions of people all over the planet every day.  For many practices these days the modern form tantra is now with sacred sexuality and spiritual sex, that is why tantric sex exits today.  Both forms  Navatantra and Neotantra are now readopted to suit a modern lifestyle and manly focus on the importance parts of sexuality and sensuality.

  1. Tantra (Yoga)

We now focus on the spiritual expansion and liberation of tantra yoga or tantric yoga. This was een ritual that was practiced in the early days like we have explained before in the Vedic tradition. The real meaning of tantra in Sanskrit is tan(expansion) and tra means (liberation).  The integrity of yoga is the ancient technique of mindfulness. The tantra emphasis and the methodologies of yoga comes as no surprise that these techniques developed over time. The breathing techniques and the body poses and meditation where developed to overcome difficult circumstances and to overcome any weaknesses and fears. These esoteric traditions are ancient old parts of the origin Buddhism and Hinduism. We now know that the vision of the Buddhist tradition to help you to exhume sexual energy but also with mindfulness and finding balance and peace.

Authentic Tantra – Tantric Massage & Techniques

The origin of the tantra massage found in India in the earlies 3th Century, like we explained before in the previous chapter the influences of the Hinduism and the Buddhism. To practice and authentic tantra massage there are 3 major elements of crucial importance. Awareness –  Meditation & Breath control – Balancing your life lines ( chakras ). By having an authentic tantra massage Amsterdam you will follow the path of enlightenment through your full body that will lead to blissful state of awareness and positive energy.

These rituals performed to gain enlightenment & spiritual insight witch all lead back to the the influences of the Hinduism and the Buddhism. These early teachers of the tantra massage constantly extending their knowledge to incorporate the 3 most important techniques of the tantra massage. Hotel Service Amsterdam can assure you that there is no greater experience of erotic massage in Amsterdam than the tantra & tantric massage.

  1. (Re) Balancing your Chakras

The energy that flows in our body they are called chakras, there are 7 important energy centers. Chakra in Sanskrit literally means “wheel”. We know that the Chakra is not the only energy in our system in fact there are hundreds of them. But we are putting the focus on the 7 most important points from our body. To keep the wheel in balance or putting it back in balance each of the Chakras belong to certain area of our body. Each of every 7 Chakras has his own characteristics and aligned, and makes the energy flow to all essential parts of the body for a balanced and healthy body and mind.

From the latest studies we can see that all Chakra points are linked to nerves and organs making the seven important energy centers in your body. Only the authentic real tantra massage can re-balance you with the ancient old techniques. Later in our blog we have made and overview of the 7 most important and different characteristics energy points in our body. By keeping our body in balance with the 7 Chakras inline we are able to control our well-being.

  1. Tantric Well-Being and Awareness

The tantric massage in not only to gain enlightenment and spiritual insight, but the connection between partners is one of the main goals of the tantric session. The authentic meditative techniques that been used these days with the tantric massage is the most luxurious form of massage and emotional experience. Your physical emotional & spiritual inner-self is constantly changing.

Your well-being is vital and important, practice with a partner and try to achieve higher levers of awareness. It is through this ancient old form of intimacy that enlightenment one can begin a spiritual practice, together with your partner you will achieve higher levels of awareness and affection. We can tell you upfront that when you open up for 100% all history of sexual traumas or trigger repressed negative energy.

The tantric massage and awareness can be an emotional roller-coaster. Unsatisfying sex or other emotional blockages deu to traumas can numb out your pelvic. Be aware witch intentions before beginning this session and give goal and directions before beginning the full session.

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Erotic Massage Near Me

Hotel Service Amsterdam offers premium erotic tantric massage at any hotel suite or apartment and wants you relax and enjoy your nice stay in Amsterdam, that is why we offer you the luxurious selection of high quality service. Please make your booking with our massage agency  in Amsterdam with our multilingual staff even when you are busy. We understand that schedule difficulties and stress and hurry can be a problem we offers the luxurious erotic massage service near you and get the massage service of the evening. Contact our Hotel Service Amsterdam for more information about the erotic massage service in Amsterdam.

The benefits of an erotic massage is the intense treatment based on the Swedish sensual massage incorporating with skilled techniques. The erotic massage treatment is also based on (MET) Muscle Energy Technique in combination with Soft Tissue Release (STR). Stress and tension are build up in the body tissue during training (sport) or lot of postural and emotional stress. Our sexy female model masseuse will give your full body a different combination of techniques, and work all the way to the highlight of the evening the happy ending massage. Hotel Service Amsterdam eliminates all build up tensions and stress by giving you the pleasant happy ending massage. Now you are full body massage has made sure that all tension are released, your muscles are soothed, and blood pressure is back to normal again. Because with every kind of massage not only erotic or tantric your blood vessels will open up and that means that the flow is much better and allows the body to eliminate impurities and toxins who were build up in de muscles.

Looking for a body to body of tantric massage in  Amsterdam ?

Amsterdam has the reputation for being liberal and open-minded and is famously worldwide for the red-light district. This is the only country in the EU ( European Union ) where are more  brothels than you can find restaurants. It comes than as no surprise that you can find an erotic massage parlor near you. Many of the erotic massage parlors will offer their clients a menu of services who are special designed to arouse their clients. Please be care full because not all the erotic massage parlors are licensed in your just walking right into their trap. We cannot tell what to do but be care full where you go too ! With Hotel Service Amsterdam we can promise you that you are dealing with one of the best erotic massage companies in Amsterdam. With us, You are in good hands !

The Benefits Of The Tantric Massage

Does tantric massage improve your postural and emotional stress ?

The latest studies has shown that the erotic tantric massage that Hotel Service Amsterdam is offering has been proven to be the most relaxing massage therapy which will reduces your postural and emotional stress level. The tantric massage in Amsterdam can be enjoyed as one off the most relaxing treatments when is made use on frequent base and will target specific health conditions. Hotel Service Amsterdam offers you the tantric massage which is an extremely relaxing therapy for your full body. Our famous and stunning female selection of international masseuses  know like no other how your luxurious & fully pampered session bring your full body in complete rejuvenation.

The right tantric & erotic massage agency attach importance to consist high quality and luxury. Hotel Service Amsterdam is searching for continuous Hotel Service Amsterdamand repeated business that is consistent and of high quality like we want for all our guests and clients. All our sexy female masseuses are representative with confidence that they can fulfill your needs and can adapt flexibly to different situations of the client’s needs.  Erotic Massage Agencies in Amsterdam are all over the internet ! But please make sure your dealing with an erotic massage company with real models and highly motivated team. Our demand for all our clients and guests are the highest level op eroticism that are selected by our first class management. With Hotel Service Amsterdam you can aspect first class erotic and tantric service and are all our guests and customers king.

Thanks for reading our Blog ! We hope this blog has helped you about the urgent and most of all the importance of the tantric massage or the erotic massage Hotel Service Amsterdam is offering you ! All of our massage treatments  will alleviating stress issues completely. And we hope by having the massage with our company you will let other people know about our erotic & tantric massages in Amsterdam

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Top Notch Erotic Models with over 7 year’s experience

Our company was founded in 2012 by our management team of international scouts who have the perfect eye for the best models. Erotic Massage in Amsterdam was about to be developed by our management team. Because our staff aims for the high end and premium business we have mastered the various aspects of the industry. The erotic massage business is our prime and core business of Hotel Service Amsterdam. By managing and placing the right models with international careers at the right spot our model scouts found the excellent team of professional masseuses.

All our beautiful female models where discovered through our team of experience scouts with the eye for talent. Our wide staff has managed the careers of hundreds of models in the past years who have worked for the most prestigious client including all the hotels in Amsterdam. The management of Hotel Service Amsterdam is always scouting for the best talent available for erotic massage. Our attraction of sexy masseuses became the passion and can be a daunting task to do. We specialize in all kind of erotic massages in Amsterdam and we only want to work with the most legitimate and prestigious female masseuses in Amsterdam. Because we offer a wide selection of international masseuses we can continuously offer the most experienced masseuses of all ages, heights and all sizes.

Finding The Legitimate Erotic Massage Agency In Amsterdam Is A Daunting Task.

Hotel Service Amsterdam offers you the prestigious erotic massage of Amsterdam with our team of professional masseuses who were selected by our company management. They only selected top notch and high end talented female masseuses who have the experience we are seeking for. By being the industry leaders for the last 7 years we have developed and managed the massage service in Amsterdam/ The key to our success by being leader of erotic massage and body massages in Amsterdam we are able to present you the service you need and make every massage treatment a success story. Please have in mind that massage is not a one size fits all industry because not all of the massage agencies in Amsterdam with provide you with the best possible service and erotic massage treatments.

Amsterdam as one of the biggest erotic capitals it is easy to make it in to the industry, but Amsterdam 100% the place to be. Because our team of scouts we can tell you that we have and impressive track record of being the well-known massage agency in Amsterdam. We can offer new female masseuses on weekly bases and they will give you more individualized attention. No matter how much experience the female masseuse already has as the perfect match, you have selected the right the best possible online massage service in Amsterdam.

The core business of Hotel Service Amsterdam is erotic massage that delivers to all high end clients in all the hotels. By doing business with the most legitimate and prestigious female masseuse agency in Amsterdam you are seeking for the best possible body to body massage Hotel Massage Amsterdam is offering.  By ordering the ultimate and most prestigious erotic massage from Hotel Service Amsterdam you can be assured that every single part of the treatment is more than perfect and nothing leaves more to perfection,. By calling the +31625359017 you can reach our management team in the office where you your desired massages ask for. By calling us you are having the highest level of requirements in your own and personal creativity and organization . Now you can be assured that your massage treatment is in perfect hand with our professional  massage service in Amsterdam.

Get Your Tantric Massage In Amsterdam Sorted

You`ve decided to look for and Tantric Massage, now you have landed on Hotel Service Amsterdam. Because we have put together a easy to use website to find the top notch masseuse for your own erotic tantric massage by our massage company with the most luxurious females from Amsterdam.  We have made our model page with portfolios in top form with all our high end and top notch female masseuses with very sexy outcome. Our management team of specialist are searching for tantric masseuses worldwide ! We operate with many internationals who are reflecting our current stats and measurements and so we have built up the perfect portfolio on our website. There are tons of beautiful talents across the globe who are offering the complete tantric massage service. But the hardest part is to deciding which one suits your business. We only want to work with the high end female masseuses who will bring you a clean visit in your apartment or hotel suite.

The erotic massage agency near you is located in the major city of our small and friendly country Holland or the Netherlands like some call it. We are highly generalized and we specialize in only the best possible talents of tantric massage from Amsterdam. You can order any type of massage with our massage company like: Some examples are include erotic massage agencies, body to body massage agencies, couples massage agencies, female massage agencies, four hands massage agencies, happy ending massage agencies, sensual massage agencies—even tantric massage agencies in Amsterdam !  Please sign in and call Hotel Service Amsterdam !! We know what suits your needs

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Erotic Massage Parlours In Amsterdam Or Order Online

Where are you just landed on Schiphol airport and passing through Hotel Service Amsterdam is the online erotic massage parlour of Amsterdam. We offer some of the best erotic massages you can order in the city of Amsterdam. Because you’re able to select only the best masseuses and service of our great portfolio you can find the best massage and price that we can offer you. 

Why go out and seek for that one parlour that can for fill your needs or make use from our daily hotel service where you can stay at your own place and feel completely relaxed. Make use of out online hotel massage service and enjoy a beautiful Exhilarating rating erotic massage treatment in the comfort of your home apartment or hotel suite. so when you’re landed at Schiphol airport or by train at Amsterdam central station we can offer you the best possible service within the next 30 minutes. Because were the main premium supplier in Amsterdam we have a massage therapists who are living across the center of Amsterdam who are able to offer hotel visiting and home visit. Ordering the erotic massage in Amsterdam has never been so easy you can stay in your room and book the erotic massage service for the best enjoyable and sensual time you can have in the city. When you desire to book an outdoor session you can give us a ring by the number on the website or make your booking online. To book a sensual erotic massage is very easy just call us on +31625359017 and you can send us also and email. 

Beware of fake erotic massage companies in Amsterdam !

There are a number of fake companies that offer erotic massage in Amsterdam ! There are also many Parlours Who are just looking for your money and don’t offer you any kind of service besides the bill. So please make sure when you make a booking online or call another company make sure that this is a genuine massage service with real professionals and legitimate company. So when you think it is good to be true then it is possibly the case. 9 out of 10 use blackhat SEO for fooling the search engines like Google and Yahoo so they can appear on the first page of the search results. Or they are in the payed ads !! So please be careful who you call 

Sensual Hotel Service And Top Notch Outcall Tantric Massage

Order the Tantric Massage

Hotel Service Amsterdam offers you a superior tantric massage at any given location in Amsterdam. Because we are a premium supplier and our aim is to provide luxury and excellent service to all our visitors and clients we can claim that we are highly specialized of giving the sensual erotic tantra massage Amsterdam at any residence or luxury hotel suite. All our masseuses I have to full knowledge And gained a lot of experience but earning the knowledge of different massage techniques made each of them a tantric massage professional. Because we only work with high-end professionals who have long-term experience we Can give you the guarantee that we can only give you the best possible and sensual tantric massage service of Amsterdam. Out call massage service is the most common way to be fully relaxed and enjoy your sensual personal treatment.

Because we are waiting for your phone call you can book your session with a telephone operator and let her know what kind of massage and masseuse you want and your deepest desires. 

By calling our massage company today you can be assured that you’re going to get a new complete massage experience that you never had before. The tantra massage that we offer yes without a doubt the most complete package or styles and can be very enjoyable. The sensual and erotic massage experience from our online parlour is unique if you compare it to the companies who also offered an erotic massage in Amsterdam. I will professionals will give your body the tender loving care with sensuality and each of our relaxation massage treatment on the website. Because our company is aiming for repeated business and we have been operating in Amsterdam for the last seven years now we work our way up to become the number one massage company of Amsterdam. Because we value each and every one of our high-end clients we only want to provide them with the luxury and best possible massage treatments they desire.

Ultimate Couples Bonding
Massage Experience In Amsterdam

By having the couples massage  Amsterdam experience simultaneously you and your partner will receive the full body treatment that has been the trademark of the Hotel Service Amsterdam for many years. The ultimate couple bonding experience is a deeper way to take your relationship to a higher level. Because our female masseuses are very well trained they are able to give you the erotic massage that is personalized and tailored to your personal preferences. Over the years we’ve got the knowledge that each couple is different that’s why we know that each approach with a couples massage in Amsterdam is different. You and your partner can order one or two masseuses who will bring energy between you and your partner by receiving the massage simultaneously. We can give you to guarantee that our erotic couples massage Amsterdam will reignite and bring back the warm energy between you and your partner and will spark up the relationship to another dimension. Our female and devoted therapist will use various massage techniques and will give you and your partner the stimulating experience. Hotel Service Amsterdam offers the best possible couples massage in Amsterdam.

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The travel guide to make the most out of your journey of Tantric Massage in Amsterdam

Amsterdam finest Tantric massage agency it’s a highly spiritual and erotic experience. Hotel Service Amsterdam is proud on providing the absolute Tantric massage in Amsterdam and providing The most sensual erotic massage journey in Amsterdam. Because we are very proud of the service we offer we aim for repeat business and complete client relaxation so we can assure you going to have a unique and unforgettable time of experience. The Tantric massage can be disagreeing way for men women and couples to explore an extra dimension in the relationship. Being Amsterdam’s leading erotic massage company we can ensure all our high-end clients to get the most out of any massage because we are providing the absolute professional and confidentially five star erotic massage.

You feel uplifted and free of all tensions and muscle pains of day-to-day life and restore and revitalize your whole body and feel completely relaxed. Tensions stress muscle pains during the busy days I’ll being taken care of with our highly erotic and sensual Tantric massage and offer you a huge range of benefits. Because every massage is based on the Swedish therapy oh your muscle groups by the variation get our attention. We can promise you were first class massage with all our gorgeous ladies who can offer you the best dance with massage experience in Amsterdam. Hotel Service Amsterdam is an out call massage service only. 

We dare to treat you with the first-class trademark erotic massage in Amsterdam

When you are searching for an erotic massage in Amsterdam the hotel service is our key signature. The exceptional massage techniques with our gorgeous masseuses who are trained in a wide range of techniques will leave all individuals men and female and couples completely satisfied and relaxed. Hotel Service Amsterdam promised the most unforgettable body to body massage experience imaginable and will give your libido unprecedented boost. That’s why we can promise that are gorgeous hotel girls pro fighting unimaginable erotic experience who make all your senses stimulating like never before. All these gorgeous ladies promised the best possible service to all our high-end clients. When you just had a busy day and want to relax and get rid of all the stress out of amazing body to body massage in Amsterdam will make you feel uplifted and free of all the tension and stress.

Female tantric massage in Amsterdam experience an invigorating and stimulating your full body

By choosing the best Tantric massage in Amsterdam you have come to the right massage service for the perfect experience and ultimate pleasure. Hotel Service Amsterdam is aiming for repeat it business every day so we cannot afford ourselves to disappoint any of our clients. Our gorgeous and beautiful masseuses will use her body and knowledge to make your experience a great sensation during your Tantric massage

Hotel service Amsterdam office more than just a Tantric massage we also offer body to body massage, sensual massage, four hands massage, six hands massage, couples massage, erotic massage, foot massage, naked massage, mutual touching massage, and special massage for females. our specialized team of stunning and incredible beautiful masseuses are dedicated to bringing your wildest dreams to life and all your wishes come true. 

All our out call massage also called visiting massages in Amsterdam can be ordered on daily basis. So when you’re looking for awakening your erotic and Tantric desires or experience levels of pure and aesthetic bliss, we are the massage partner who will come to your luxury hotel and give you the first class treatment you wish for. 

We are the ultimate erotic massage provider in Amsterdam where the most utterly satisfied massage can be experienced. By providing top-notch and VIP luxury we can only operate utterly professional and confidentially five star massage service. We cannot afford ourselves other than presenting to you the most elite and finest masseuses who are available in Amsterdam. We only work with high class masseuses who will aim for complete client satisfaction and are very passionate about their profession so we can ensure your session is unforgettable and like no other. 

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